Episode 2: The night is darkest just before the dawn

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Hope Rising. In this episode, we ask where is hope when it feels like things are worse than ever?


John Berger writes: “I’d rather reject the terms optimistic and pessimistic. They suggest a calculation of how things are going to evolve, and if it’s going to evolve in the way you want, you’re optimistic. That has very little to do with despair and hope. Hope is not a form of guarantee, it’s a form of energy, and very frequently that energy is strongest in circumstances that are very dark.”

So, can the darkness that emerges from a national crisis become a driver for positive action?

Big thanks to

Chrysanthi Koumianaki from 3137

Maria Chatzopoulou

Dimitris Kokkinakis from Impact Hub Athens

Janosch Sbeih from Reciproka




Kintsugi” by Jahzzar (CC BY-SA)

Midnight Express” by Skyzo Maniac (CC BY NC)

Moon Child” by Quint Baker (CC BY-NC-SA)

Making a Change” by Lee Rosevere (CC BY)

Heres the Thing” by Lee Rosevere (CC BY)

All from the Free Music Archive


Other sounds:

Computer Error Song

The Dark Knight

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