Episode 4: Power

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Hope Rising. In this episode, we hear from 3 very different people about how they relate to political power.


Lately, I’ve been wondering about power.  I’ve always been confused by politics. Even in a democratic system, where you have a right to vote, the simple act of voting in a way feels like you are handing over your power to someone else, usually in a more privileged position than you, to rule the next few years of your life. Isn’t that a bit weird? Isn’t that a bit hopeless? Let’s hear from Helgi, an Icelandic pirate turned MP, Olivia, a documentary maker turned canvasser, and Darren, a young leader aiming for Parliament about the ways they relate to political power.

Big thanks to:

Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson www.piratar.is
Olivia Humphreys www.oliviahumphreys.com
Darren Keenan www.theadvocacyacademy.com

Also thanks to Gisli Darri, Leonie Shanks and Amelia Viney


Music is by Lee Rosevere (CC BY), all from the Free Music Archive

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